Conference videos

Se videoes from the Unleashing and confronting stories of Bildung: Remediations of cultural-natural heritage conference. Read more about the conference.

Helle Porsdam: The Past’s Future – the role of heritage institutions in the digital age

Stina Teilmann and Nanna Bonde Thylstrup: outlining the programme

Vinita Damodaran: Decolonising natural history collections of Empire

Nina Rønsted: Unleashing the potential of botanical collections by combining research and communication

Tinde van Andel: Open the treasure room and decolonize the museum

Zeynep Çelik Alexander: Kew and the making of a global modernity

Henning Knudsen: Flora Danica as a ”Bildungs”-project

Matthew Battles: Cultivation, invasion, and repair: Bildung in the Arnold Arboretum


Leah Sobsey: Collections: reimaging museum specimens



Anna Toledano: Making herbaria matter at the New York Botanical Garden, and beyond   

Helle Porsdam: Supporting stories of Bildung: On the human right to culture and science