Danish partners

All sub-projects will work together with three Danish national CHIs:

We have chosen these institutions because of their well-stated missions, and because they have certain national responsibilities to preserve and present Danish cultural heritage.

As large cultural institutions they play both a national and an international role in addressing the challenges of collecting, preserving and providing contemporary and long-term access to the world’s knowledge - and they have to find a balance between the demand for and the wish to provide access to knowledge, on the one hand, and the need to protect the substantial investment in information goods made by creators and industry, on the other.

These CHIs have agreed to an active partnership: workshops, networking activities, discussion of research questions, and knowledge exchange. They will also function as a basis for collecting our empirical data (interviews etc.).

International collaboration

Even though our primary empirical basis is limited to three national CHIs, the topics of our projects are inherently international. One of the leading researchers in the field of Digital Humanities, Professor Jeffrey Schnapp, will join the project and work on the dissemination of digital cultural heritage. Schnapp is the Director of the metaLab at Harvard University and has worked – both as an academic and as a designer – with CHIs in a digital age.

Schnapp will teach an intensive course at the Saxo Institute, based on the topics of the project, and to visit Copenhagen for one week during the three remaining years of the tenure of the project.

We will furthermore collaborate with:

  • John Naughton, Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and the Technology columnist for the London Observer newspaper
  • Fiona Macmillan, Professor of Intellectual Property at School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Hermann Parzinger, President, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Germany
  • Peter Michael Edson, Associate director/Head of Digital, UN Live - Museum for Humanity 

Along with our national collaborators they will form our Advisory Board, participate in workshops and provide feedback on our research.